Friday, February 27, 2009

Joy's of Being a Parent/Grandparent

Everyone loves to welcome a new baby into this world. Becoming a parent is one of the most memorable experiences in our lives. Seeing your babies beautiful face for the first time. Looking at their little feet and hands, it's hard to believe the miracle of birth. Waiting all those months to see what your baby will look like, hoping that she has your nose or he has their father's hands. Going through the ups and downs of having children. Believe me there are more ups, it just feels like there are more downs. I think it's because the downs are bigger deals, so enjoy the good times it will make the bad easier to take.
Since I have become a Grandparent I can honestly say Grandma's and Grandpa's are really special. They have had the opportunity to see their kids come into this world and now they get to experience a very different feeling when they see their grandchild for the first time. The next generation is like a new beginning for your family a fresh start to do somethings different. You raised your children to become responsible, caring adults and now you get to help mold a new life, but in a different way. You get to be the one for the fun, the rules have changed you are the Grandparent so enjoy the differences that you will have with this new role in your life.
When I think of all of the changes from when I had my first child, oh boy is it different. But I have tried to embrace the new things that are coming my way. When I think of the different "necessities" the new mom needs. It really lets me know how things have changed, so I tried to think of how I could make it easier for others and myself. I started putting together gift baskets and everybody else loved them, so here I am now selling Baby Gift Baskets to people just like you. I hope some of this story hits home with you out there. I know it has made me look at what I have and think about how much I take it for granted. But it also makes me realize just how much I enjoy putting together Gift Baskets each day.