Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School Starts & so it Begins

Today is the start of a very busy two weeks. The kids start school on Sept. 9th. Between touring the new school that they will both be going to and getting the supplies that they need, we are trying to get it taken care of. Of course they didn't give the list to us until today. At least we have finished shopping for new clothes that actually fit them. My son has grown almost four inches since the start of summer. We laugh because he is now taller then my husband.
My daughter is very concerned about the two lockers that she will have to know the combination's for. Lets not forget the fact that P.E. is everyday and the kids have to take a shower as well. I can't remember feeling this way maybe I did. I think it is a good thing to feel a little excited as well as nerves. It keeps you in check. It makes you try a little harder to get it right. I walked my daughter through her daily routine, to put her at ease.
I have my own feelings about this special day. Both of my kids are in middle school and one more year older. It goes by so fast I can't grasp a hold of it some days. It was just yesterday that they were born. When I think back at the years I remember all of my kid's firsts. If I stop and think about it enough I want to take a moment and cry for the memories that we have shared together.
Know that that has past I wish that they have a great year and make a lot of their own memories to look back on. I know that I still have some from when I was younger. Yet I still wouldn't change a thing about it.
Hope everyone has started their school year out right. Make some of your own memories to last your whole life.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Two Reasons to Buy a Diaper Cake

So you have a baby shower coming up? Save some money and make it extra special and unique, by buying one gift that solves these problems.

Two words diaper cakes. Diaper cakes solve two issues we have when we are hosting a baby shower. When having a baby shower you want the decorations to look great and have a theme as well. You also want to make this special day great for the new parents. Most people want to save money when doing this. Diaper cakes can do both of these things and more.

When you are shopping for a diaper cake look for a theme that ties into your baby shower. Diaper cakes come with many different tiers. All of them will have at least one level of diapers, but you can build from there and get a second or even a third tier of diapers. Why not have an organic diaper cake, perfect for the organic parents. These cakes come with biodegradable chlorine free disposable diapers and some have a line of Erbaviva Organic bath and face products for mom and baby. How about a diaper cake topped of with a sailor, teddy bear, bunny or a cute pink tutu? The entire diaper cake is carefully made so each diaper is fully functional, usable and clean. Once the baby shower is over the parents can use the many items that came on the diaper cake. There are so many different diaper cakes out there you might have a hard time choosing the perfect baby shower centerpiece.

Once you have found the diaper cake you want, use it as a centerpiece at the baby shower this way you have purchased your gift to the parents and made a focal point when people come into the room at the shower. I guarantee people will stop and talk about it, because it is a unique and unusual gift/centerpiece. How many stores can you go into right now and pick up one of these very special items for your next baby shower?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Almost Gone

This last month has been very busy. The kids are out of school, but we are already getting ready to start up again. I can not believe how fast the time goes. My family and I just got done celebrating Kiley's Birthday, she turned one this last month. I really struggled with what to get her. I am a big fan of educational stuff, but I did not want to be the grandma who does not get the fun stuff. I ended up solving this dilemma by giving her one of my baby baskets with a collection of books and a dressing doll to help with zippers buckles etc. The cool thing about it is Kiley loves to look at the books and have you read to her and the doll will help her learn how to dress herself. Of course I solved the problem of the day with this gift, but I know for future reference that I can use this doll for just about any gift for someone under 3 even for a new sibling. I know it may seem silly how much we fret over getting the perfect gift, but I am glad I pick this one for Kiley. She has not stopped carrying the doll around and I just got reading her a new book today. I hope everyone enjoys those first birthdays that are in your future. I know I did with all of my kids and now I get to start over with my grand daughter.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Big Brother or Big Sister Gifts to Make Them Feel Unique

When a new baby boy or girl comes home for the first time it is something very special for the whole family. They are so small and delicate. A miracle is how I would describe a new baby. In the excitement of having a baby and going through 9 months of carrying him or her, we have come to love and care for them without even seeing them. That is how a sibling should feel too.
This might not be the same for all of the new big brothers or new big sisters out there. They might feel left out or they might think that they are not as special as they once were. Make them feel like they are still part of the family. Make them feel like this is their new baby boy or girl too.
When you have a baby shower for the parents, make sure to include the soon to be new big brother or sister in the celebration. There are a lot of sibling gifts that are on the market right now, just for this purpose. Sibling gifts are something to make them feel like they are playing a special role, in the new baby’s life. Because sometimes a big brother or big sister can feel left out. At a baby shower everyone is lavishing the mom to be with gifts for the baby, and this can be hard on the new sibling. Giving them their own special gift will help them feel like they have a new identity or new role in the family. Now the baby has a new role and so does the big brother or sister. They can now feel that they are needed to help take care of the new bundle of joy.
This little gesture for the big sister and big brother can be something small, like a photo album for all of the pictures of the two siblings together. Maybe a new doll for them to play with and pretend that it is their very own baby. What about getting them a book that talks about sharing with others, or having a new baby around. These kinds of things can help the big brother or big sister learn what it will be like when the baby comes along. It can help teach them something new. Maybe it will teach them to be more caring and without knowing it supportive as well.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

As I'm setting here preparing for the 4th of July celebration that we as a family have every year, I can't help but wonder about the way it use to be when I was younger. I remember when you could let off fireworks in your yard, you didn't have to go somewhere else to see them and enjoy. You didn't have to worry about what would happen because everyone took precautions and as neighbors we enjoyed things together. My own children didn't know what it was like to see fireworks because it wasn't until the last two years that we were able to have them in neighboring towns. The one thing that I enjoy about the 4th of July is the family gatherings, fireworks and the giving of thanks to the people who made this all possible for me and my family. If it wasn't for them and their fight and struggles I would not have what I have today. I get to enjoy my freedom and do things in life that I want because of them. This year is extra special, because it will be the first year that my grand daughter will be able to see and enjoy the fireworks with us. I know that she is a little to small to actually hold them, but she will be able to see them. Like I said before my own children didn't get this option. It is great being a grand parent for the first time. I have already been through the parenting stage with one and I still have a few more years left before my last two are old enough to be out on their own, but it is great to share these memories with a new generation. To see her face when she gets to experience things for the first time, it is a fabulous feeling. This feeling is something I get every time we get to do something new. We just took her for the day to the park and after wards we went for ice cream at our favorite local ice cream spot. All the kids had a great time watching Kiley eating ice cream for the first time. Alex and Heather my other two children couldn't stop laughing at her and the way she ate it. Any way I better get going, before I run out of time and don't get all of the food done. I hope everyone has enjoyed reading this and it brings back memories of your own.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Alternative Gift for the New Mom, a Baby Bunch Bouquet

When a baby is born a lot of people want to send the new mom a beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers. I'll admit I love to receive flowers on occasion myself, but once the flowers have died what do you have left? You have nothing, but an empty vase.
Instead of sending a regular bouquet of flowers for the new mother, try an alternative solution. Send the new mom a baby bunch bouquet instead. Save yourself some money and peace of mind knowing the flowers will last forever. If you are wondering what a baby bunch bouquet is, wait no more. A baby bunch bouquet is a nice selection of baby clothes made up to look like a colorful bouquet of flowers. A baby bunch bouquet comes prearranged with other artificial flowers. Most baby bunches can be bought in two sizes medium and large, but either size baby bunch will have a good selection of baby clothes for the new bundle of joy.
Once the baby bunch bouquet arrives baby can use the clothes, but mom can save the fabric and wooden rosebuds to create a lasting keepsake for years. Most gifts will be used and then put away for the next arrival. Not with a baby bunch every time mom looks at the baby bouquet, she will remember your thoughtful gift you gave her and her little miracle.
Do you have a baby shower coming up? Try using a baby bunch bouquet for the centerpiece and then the mom will get it after wards. The clothing buds are encircled with coordinating colors to compliment the clothes. Some of these baby bunch bouquets come with a reusable galvanized pail. Either style of baby bunches you choose will make an elegant centerpiece presentation at any baby shower. By using one of these bouquets at a baby shower you will save time and money. Think about it, you will be able to decorate and have a conversation starter then mom will have her first gift.
A baby bunch is a natural alternative to flowers as a gift for a new mom. Save your time and your money make it easy on yourself, and order a baby bunch bouquet for your next baby shower or gift for the new mother.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wedding Count Down

It is the final count down to the wedding of our son and soon to be daughter in law. I can't help but feel excited, scared and totally overwhelmed all at the same time. We have been working on this special day for a while now and it feels like it will never come and that I won't have enough time to get all of the last minute things done.
Just the other day I was helping my father with his wedding present for the kids, when it struck me that I ended up making a gift basket for them. I guess when you do baby baskets for a living it is hard to change your ways. The best things come in baskets, which is why I probably made one in the first place. Think about it, Easter baskets, fruit baskets and my favorite besides baby baskets, chocolate gift baskets. I mean who would not love to give or receive a beautifully arranged gift basket? Think about the last time that you came home and saw a box sitting on your front door steps and realized that it was a gift for you. I don't know about you, but I get excited to see that someone thought enough of me to send me something in the mail to surprise me.
I know that I make and sell baby gift baskets for a living, so most people will expect me to send them one of my gift baskets when a baby shower is coming up. This does not mean that they are not surprised when I send it to them instead of giving it to them on their special day I think it is nice to switch things up a little bit; it keeps things interesting and fun.
If any of you are having a wedding, baby shower, or a just because in the future, a little piece of advice. Take at least some of the stress out of your life, by getting a gift basket for the occasion.