Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wedding Count Down

It is the final count down to the wedding of our son and soon to be daughter in law. I can't help but feel excited, scared and totally overwhelmed all at the same time. We have been working on this special day for a while now and it feels like it will never come and that I won't have enough time to get all of the last minute things done.
Just the other day I was helping my father with his wedding present for the kids, when it struck me that I ended up making a gift basket for them. I guess when you do baby baskets for a living it is hard to change your ways. The best things come in baskets, which is why I probably made one in the first place. Think about it, Easter baskets, fruit baskets and my favorite besides baby baskets, chocolate gift baskets. I mean who would not love to give or receive a beautifully arranged gift basket? Think about the last time that you came home and saw a box sitting on your front door steps and realized that it was a gift for you. I don't know about you, but I get excited to see that someone thought enough of me to send me something in the mail to surprise me.
I know that I make and sell baby gift baskets for a living, so most people will expect me to send them one of my gift baskets when a baby shower is coming up. This does not mean that they are not surprised when I send it to them instead of giving it to them on their special day I think it is nice to switch things up a little bit; it keeps things interesting and fun.
If any of you are having a wedding, baby shower, or a just because in the future, a little piece of advice. Take at least some of the stress out of your life, by getting a gift basket for the occasion.

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