Thursday, June 4, 2009

Alternative Gift for the New Mom, a Baby Bunch Bouquet

When a baby is born a lot of people want to send the new mom a beautifully arranged bouquet of flowers. I'll admit I love to receive flowers on occasion myself, but once the flowers have died what do you have left? You have nothing, but an empty vase.
Instead of sending a regular bouquet of flowers for the new mother, try an alternative solution. Send the new mom a baby bunch bouquet instead. Save yourself some money and peace of mind knowing the flowers will last forever. If you are wondering what a baby bunch bouquet is, wait no more. A baby bunch bouquet is a nice selection of baby clothes made up to look like a colorful bouquet of flowers. A baby bunch bouquet comes prearranged with other artificial flowers. Most baby bunches can be bought in two sizes medium and large, but either size baby bunch will have a good selection of baby clothes for the new bundle of joy.
Once the baby bunch bouquet arrives baby can use the clothes, but mom can save the fabric and wooden rosebuds to create a lasting keepsake for years. Most gifts will be used and then put away for the next arrival. Not with a baby bunch every time mom looks at the baby bouquet, she will remember your thoughtful gift you gave her and her little miracle.
Do you have a baby shower coming up? Try using a baby bunch bouquet for the centerpiece and then the mom will get it after wards. The clothing buds are encircled with coordinating colors to compliment the clothes. Some of these baby bunch bouquets come with a reusable galvanized pail. Either style of baby bunches you choose will make an elegant centerpiece presentation at any baby shower. By using one of these bouquets at a baby shower you will save time and money. Think about it, you will be able to decorate and have a conversation starter then mom will have her first gift.
A baby bunch is a natural alternative to flowers as a gift for a new mom. Save your time and your money make it easy on yourself, and order a baby bunch bouquet for your next baby shower or gift for the new mother.

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