Saturday, July 4, 2009

4th of July

As I'm setting here preparing for the 4th of July celebration that we as a family have every year, I can't help but wonder about the way it use to be when I was younger. I remember when you could let off fireworks in your yard, you didn't have to go somewhere else to see them and enjoy. You didn't have to worry about what would happen because everyone took precautions and as neighbors we enjoyed things together. My own children didn't know what it was like to see fireworks because it wasn't until the last two years that we were able to have them in neighboring towns. The one thing that I enjoy about the 4th of July is the family gatherings, fireworks and the giving of thanks to the people who made this all possible for me and my family. If it wasn't for them and their fight and struggles I would not have what I have today. I get to enjoy my freedom and do things in life that I want because of them. This year is extra special, because it will be the first year that my grand daughter will be able to see and enjoy the fireworks with us. I know that she is a little to small to actually hold them, but she will be able to see them. Like I said before my own children didn't get this option. It is great being a grand parent for the first time. I have already been through the parenting stage with one and I still have a few more years left before my last two are old enough to be out on their own, but it is great to share these memories with a new generation. To see her face when she gets to experience things for the first time, it is a fabulous feeling. This feeling is something I get every time we get to do something new. We just took her for the day to the park and after wards we went for ice cream at our favorite local ice cream spot. All the kids had a great time watching Kiley eating ice cream for the first time. Alex and Heather my other two children couldn't stop laughing at her and the way she ate it. Any way I better get going, before I run out of time and don't get all of the food done. I hope everyone has enjoyed reading this and it brings back memories of your own.

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