Tuesday, July 21, 2009

New Big Brother or Big Sister Gifts to Make Them Feel Unique

When a new baby boy or girl comes home for the first time it is something very special for the whole family. They are so small and delicate. A miracle is how I would describe a new baby. In the excitement of having a baby and going through 9 months of carrying him or her, we have come to love and care for them without even seeing them. That is how a sibling should feel too.
This might not be the same for all of the new big brothers or new big sisters out there. They might feel left out or they might think that they are not as special as they once were. Make them feel like they are still part of the family. Make them feel like this is their new baby boy or girl too.
When you have a baby shower for the parents, make sure to include the soon to be new big brother or sister in the celebration. There are a lot of sibling gifts that are on the market right now, just for this purpose. Sibling gifts are something to make them feel like they are playing a special role, in the new baby’s life. Because sometimes a big brother or big sister can feel left out. At a baby shower everyone is lavishing the mom to be with gifts for the baby, and this can be hard on the new sibling. Giving them their own special gift will help them feel like they have a new identity or new role in the family. Now the baby has a new role and so does the big brother or sister. They can now feel that they are needed to help take care of the new bundle of joy.
This little gesture for the big sister and big brother can be something small, like a photo album for all of the pictures of the two siblings together. Maybe a new doll for them to play with and pretend that it is their very own baby. What about getting them a book that talks about sharing with others, or having a new baby around. These kinds of things can help the big brother or big sister learn what it will be like when the baby comes along. It can help teach them something new. Maybe it will teach them to be more caring and without knowing it supportive as well.

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