Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Summer Almost Gone

This last month has been very busy. The kids are out of school, but we are already getting ready to start up again. I can not believe how fast the time goes. My family and I just got done celebrating Kiley's Birthday, she turned one this last month. I really struggled with what to get her. I am a big fan of educational stuff, but I did not want to be the grandma who does not get the fun stuff. I ended up solving this dilemma by giving her one of my baby baskets with a collection of books and a dressing doll to help with zippers buckles etc. The cool thing about it is Kiley loves to look at the books and have you read to her and the doll will help her learn how to dress herself. Of course I solved the problem of the day with this gift, but I know for future reference that I can use this doll for just about any gift for someone under 3 even for a new sibling. I know it may seem silly how much we fret over getting the perfect gift, but I am glad I pick this one for Kiley. She has not stopped carrying the doll around and I just got reading her a new book today. I hope everyone enjoys those first birthdays that are in your future. I know I did with all of my kids and now I get to start over with my grand daughter.

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