Friday, August 21, 2009

Two Reasons to Buy a Diaper Cake

So you have a baby shower coming up? Save some money and make it extra special and unique, by buying one gift that solves these problems.

Two words diaper cakes. Diaper cakes solve two issues we have when we are hosting a baby shower. When having a baby shower you want the decorations to look great and have a theme as well. You also want to make this special day great for the new parents. Most people want to save money when doing this. Diaper cakes can do both of these things and more.

When you are shopping for a diaper cake look for a theme that ties into your baby shower. Diaper cakes come with many different tiers. All of them will have at least one level of diapers, but you can build from there and get a second or even a third tier of diapers. Why not have an organic diaper cake, perfect for the organic parents. These cakes come with biodegradable chlorine free disposable diapers and some have a line of Erbaviva Organic bath and face products for mom and baby. How about a diaper cake topped of with a sailor, teddy bear, bunny or a cute pink tutu? The entire diaper cake is carefully made so each diaper is fully functional, usable and clean. Once the baby shower is over the parents can use the many items that came on the diaper cake. There are so many different diaper cakes out there you might have a hard time choosing the perfect baby shower centerpiece.

Once you have found the diaper cake you want, use it as a centerpiece at the baby shower this way you have purchased your gift to the parents and made a focal point when people come into the room at the shower. I guarantee people will stop and talk about it, because it is a unique and unusual gift/centerpiece. How many stores can you go into right now and pick up one of these very special items for your next baby shower?

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