Wednesday, August 26, 2009

School Starts & so it Begins

Today is the start of a very busy two weeks. The kids start school on Sept. 9th. Between touring the new school that they will both be going to and getting the supplies that they need, we are trying to get it taken care of. Of course they didn't give the list to us until today. At least we have finished shopping for new clothes that actually fit them. My son has grown almost four inches since the start of summer. We laugh because he is now taller then my husband.
My daughter is very concerned about the two lockers that she will have to know the combination's for. Lets not forget the fact that P.E. is everyday and the kids have to take a shower as well. I can't remember feeling this way maybe I did. I think it is a good thing to feel a little excited as well as nerves. It keeps you in check. It makes you try a little harder to get it right. I walked my daughter through her daily routine, to put her at ease.
I have my own feelings about this special day. Both of my kids are in middle school and one more year older. It goes by so fast I can't grasp a hold of it some days. It was just yesterday that they were born. When I think back at the years I remember all of my kid's firsts. If I stop and think about it enough I want to take a moment and cry for the memories that we have shared together.
Know that that has past I wish that they have a great year and make a lot of their own memories to look back on. I know that I still have some from when I was younger. Yet I still wouldn't change a thing about it.
Hope everyone has started their school year out right. Make some of your own memories to last your whole life.

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